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Welcome to Wild Seascapes

My name is Mark Dobson an award-winning professional photographer based in Cornwall (UK)


My approach to photography is (keep it simple) and capture the feeling rather than the scene. This is often easier said than done. But, over the last few years, I have harnessed this technique and want to share the process behind it with specialized photography workshops.

• Small Groups ensuring everyone receives full tuition 

Mark Dobson Photographer Cornwall

• Extensive Local Knowledge 

• Full Photography Tuition including Post-Processing 

Why Choose Wild Seascapes

• Suitable for all skill levels from beginner to advanced techniques

Member of Master Photographers International

• Specialised Storm Chasing Photography Workshops

• Learn all aspects to planning a shoot with helpful and essential information

• Friendly and professional service 

What previous clients say 

"If you're in Cornwall and looking for some expert seascape and wave photography guidance, I'd highly recommend using Mark. As a local, he knows all the best spots, how to read the conditions and will help you get in the best positions to get some great shots. "

"I did a one day workshop with WildSeascapes and thoroughly enjoyed it. I learnt some new techniques including focus stacking, long exposures and some Photoshop and picked up lots of tips throughout the day.
Mark has a good knowledge of the local area and puts you at ease straight away. Highly recommended. "

"We did a workshop with Mark and I cannot recommend him highly enough - very knowledgeable, helpful and patient! Got so much out of it and really enjoyed it too! Would definitely do another one! "

We found Mark to offer a very personal and professional service and felt very welcome. Each day and night Mark would track the Cornwall weather conditions such as tides, swell height, wind speed, and wind direction. Based on this Mark could then determine the best locations to go to each day and the order in which we should visit. This helped to ensure we got the most out of each day of the workshop.

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Published Magazine Work 
• Numerous editions - Outdoor Photography Magazine, Practical Photography

• Online Features
  The Guardian, BBC, The Times, The Independent 

• Photography Awards 
• Shortlisted images - World Landscape Photographer of the Year 2022 and Landscape Photographer of the Year 2021
• Master Photographers International Awards 2020 ( Bronze Award Winner in the Landscape and Seascape Fine Art category)

• Winner of Coastal  View 2019  - Shipwrecked Mariners 
• Exhibited Work - The Truman Gallery - Brick Lane (London) 

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